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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Hey everyone first of all sorry for being so MIA. My move to Ontario and my new job didnt give me much time to post on my insta or even on here.

2020! lol! Happy new year ! Lol! I know it’s been a while this is why I’m starting a new series of blog :) Let’s talk about the coronavirus..I just want everyone to know that you are not in this alone! We are all affected. I’m sorry if u lost your job lately. I mean more time for you to do all the stuff on that list that u been putting out for so long to some other day. You got time to do that !!! Now it’s the time to do what’s on that list that you’ve been postponing! For those of you that are essential worker and still working! God bless that we have you ! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOURE HARD WORK ! To everyone please stay home, stay healthy and safe !

With that said... I am staying home and not working for the moment and I am grateful for everything It makes me appreciate so much more in life! Since October 2019 to well March 2020 I was working none stop working back to back shifts, working overtime I was so exhausted from my job. I have a very physical job And didn’t even get vacation time. I even hurt my back in December 2019. Right now with this Pandemic I get to rest and relax and work on my sleep. I mean I know it sucks but you need to keep looking on the bright side and make the most of it! Stay positive! Be grateful ! :) I am always here for a talk if not here is a link for the region of Ontario.

Stay healthy, stay safe! I’ll see you in my next blog !

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