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Goodbye 2018

The year 2018 was crazy !!! It has brought me so many different obstacles to my life !!! So much pain, suffering, heartbreak, failure,.... etc! 

But I am happy about 2018. Actually I am more happy to move into the year 2019! Lol! 2018 was a year of sadness. I hope that no one ever encounters what Ive went through!  Even tho 2018 was a bad year for me it did start off good and for that I am thankful. Im thankful of what the year has thought me and for that today I am a stronger person! At first when everything happened I couldn’t understand what was happening like “why me”? Why now ? “What did I do to the word to deserve this”? Do I even deserve this? Is this karma? And now I can honestly say that god had enteded me to learn. It was the only way for me to learn everything and all at once and now I can move intothe year 2019 without any regrets and move foward ! I wish you all an amazing year 2019 full of love and may all ur dreams come true!& for me I hope I get to do more travel read more and maybe learn a new language! I do believe that2019 will be an awesome year for us all that went through hell the year 2018! May 2019 be ever in our favour♥️ God bless you all 💋xx

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