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Its fun to be an adult!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Hello everyone !! Sorry Ive been MIA for the past two weeks on social media. I got back home im Ontario and had to deal with a bunch of Adult fun stuff like changing my drivers liscence, my health card, buying a car, getting some insurance been on the phone for hours and hours. Got put on hold a lot of time and transferred to a bunch of different departments and talked with a bunch of people... You know all the fun stuff that adult need to handle. I miss being a child sometimes and not having to deal with all that 💩. But honestly the worst was dealing with all my 2000 boxes 📦. Im exaggerating but I did have over 40 boxes of stuff. Going through all of them one by one and then clearing some stuff out. Because I realized I own a lot of stuff and a lot of it I don’t even use or have never used before or that I even forgot that I had. I believe I spend 3 days unpacking and sorting out stuff. 

So much has happened ill post another blog soon!!  It feels good to do some cleanup.  

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