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Vero app??

Alright let gets right into it. What is this new app that everyone is talking about??? Vero??? Vero means truth ?? Vero could be the next Instagram??? Mmmmhmmm, I don’t believe anything will ever replace Instagram... I honestly feel like everyone now has just got onto the bandwagon with Downloading and creating an Instagram account. I also remember when it first came out and everyone said it wouldn’t be a thing that only photographer were on it to promote their stuff...

Vero is a new social media app boasting an ad-free and “more authentic” user experience. The app takes its name form the Italian word for “truth.”

One of the main reason why the Vero app was invented was because of the Algorithm that is on Instagram.


ˈalɡəˌriT͟Həm/ noun a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. "a basic algorithm for division"

In other English words. Instagram doesn’t let you see all the post of the people you are following. It selects a couple of random post, plus Instagram puts a bunch of adds on your page for you to view between post that your friends post. (Those post that your friends post are mostly old post. - Not even the newest post). Also most of the post you see on your feed are adds. Which sucks. No one ask anyone to see any adds! Hence why Vero app came which means true. Vero app lets you select the post you want to share with your followers. Everything you do is controlled by you. (I mean thats what it says it does I still haven’t tried it myself).

Look at Instagram now!! It is huge!!! Very equal to Facebook in terms of being successful. Anyways, a couple of you have asked me to go follow and to check out your Vero accounts... which I haven’t because honestly I don’t know how the app works... so my appoligies.

Ive also asked you on Insta if you would get this app or if you currently have the app. 41 of you participated and answered my quizzes and 67% of you said no. I then asked you all if I should myself download it and create an account 42% said Yes and 58% said No. Thank you to the people who voted No. I have read a couple of articles about Vero app how its a scam and that it can take and use your content (Ill post pictures below). Ive also read how the owner and CEO of the company is pretty much a fraud and doesn't pay its employee. Google it. Ayman Hariri is the name of the Ceo.

I mean, why would I want to download another social networking app.... twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, and the list goes on. A couple of you have brought to my attention ⚠️ about the terms and conditions. (Who reads the term and condition?? I sure don’t! Aint nobody got time for that) anyhoo!! Thanks god for the few of you that did. I’ll just insert the photo here for you. @KitCalligraphy brought this to my attention and I gave her all the credits including her friends who brought this to her attention. (Please go give her some love on Insta :D!)

Also the app says it was invented in 2015.. But it is more popular now because of word of mouth. The app also says that the first million users will get the app free and then later on the app will have a purchase fee. More of a Subscription fee packages. There is also a use controversy going on which I called a conspiracy most of the Vero employee are Russian and they are trying to use the app to influence US people to think like them..... (I mean some say its real.. Im just gonna say it might be a conspiracy). Also, a lot of people have pointed out that most of the team are gender: male.... There is so much more stuff like this about the company. Please make your research. Some of these are real stuff.... I took and interest in blogging about this because this app is huge and its what everyone is talking about also why is there so much negetavity about the app...I mean when Facebook and twitter etc.. came out; The media weren't writing articles to put these new apps down..

I'm just gonna end this blog by saying my opinion. I wont download this app because Honestly, I don't have the time to get hook on an other app.. To follow this whole controversy thing is just too much. If you have the app good for you. I really hope that things will change. But from this, I learned that reading the fine print will help you and wont screw you over. I just wanted to share my thoughts and give you guys more knowledge that was shared to me that I think everyone should be aware of.

Hope this was useful for a few of you. I accept all your comments :)! Or DM on Insta ! Ciao!

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