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10 Reasons why your breaking out

Ti's the season for skin breakout. I love winter but it makes my skin breakout soooo much..

Here are 10 reason why you might be breaking out.

1) Clean your Cell phone or even your home phone. Do people still have those?? Cellphone are everywhere on the counter on the public washroom, your kid is playing with your phone, your makeup is on and then you put all that bacteria resting on your cheek and let it soak up there. So if you have acne on your cheek it could be because of your dirty phone. Get some wipes!!! CLEAN IT OF TEN!

2) Pillow Case, Honey change your pillow case. Its recommended to wash your pillow case or to change it every week.

3) Clean your makeup brushes and beauty blender. I know its annoying but please remove the old dirty makeup off your brushes. They say you need to clean your makeup brushes every week!! Please do, it takes about 5 mins of your time. Sigma brushes came up with some awesome gadget to help you clean your brushes. Go check them out.

4) At the end of the day clean your face don't let that nasty makeup sit there all night. I know its a pain when all you want to do is sleep but honeyyyyy reach for those wipes and clean it you'll feel much better and your skin will thank you for it.

5) Keep drinking water!!! Hydrate!!! keep your skin clear! I know this is sooo annoying because everyone tells you about this one. Well trust the world listen to the people!!! I promise you, your skin will be soo much better. If you think water is plain takes add some flavours lemon, berried etc.

6) Eatin habbits. Junk food!!! Suggar stop it. By the way ressources says that dairy is the problem. Go a week whitout dairy and your skin will clear out.

7) Stress. Stress hormones will open up oil grains. The more oil you have the more it will cause acne. Keep breathing, relax, yoga, etc.

8) The type of hair product you use could be the cause of your breakout. Gel will clogged your pores, hairspray even shampoo and conditionner. Parebens free, natural etc. Read the label!

9) Stop touching your face. Keep cleaning your hands. Wash your hands before you wash your face. Stop leaning on your face.

10) Mother nature. Once a month, mother nature blesses all woman with a week full of cramps and other fun stuff (being real sarcastic). But every month before of after my period I always breakout. I can't escape it.

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