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Favourite Youtubers

Hello!! Today’s blog is a list of my favourite YouTubers!!! love watching YouTube videos so much!! Here are my favourite Youtubers in no particular order.

LauDiY - Craft, she goes and find expensive stuff and instead of buying it she DIY it ! She is funny and she is the diy queen! 

Alex Wassabi - Alex vlog everyday and uploads everyday he is hilarious awesome Channel. “If you’re not smiling your doing it wrong”!

Nava Rose- She DiY clothes and talks about fashion! Love her style !!

Asian Beauty Secret- Talks anything beauty related and some great Asian remedies !! 

Jaclyn Hill- Makeup related she is so down to earth and so cute and quorky!! Not shy of being weird love her for that !! 

Nikkie Tutorials- Makeup Tutorials. Anything Makeup! Love her channel she keeps it real!

Vasseur Beauty- Your go to organize / health care ! I love her videos on planning, cleaning and organizing!!

Tarryn- She makes awesome Cards to Diy crafting and embossing.

XoJahtna- Bunch of life hacks !! That we all use! She is the Glue gun Queen! 

MissRemiAshten- anything from Haul to beauty. I love her making food videos !! She is so positive and inspiring!

Kandee Johnson- Makeup artist who makes amazing transformation! She is soo postive true Role Model.

Patricia Bright- Anything beauty and Fashion. She is soo funny!! 

&& for the few of you who asked me if I’ll post some YouTube videos of my own. Maybe Ill use my channel to post videos here but I prefer working on my blog more than making Youtube videos. The videos that were up I put them down because I rather concentrate on drawing and explore other arts more than makeup and beauty. Thank you all so much for your support to the ones that are subscribed, who liked and commented to TutorialsbyElle but now its going to be ArtsbyElle. Yes, the videos had great feedback unfortunately, I dont think Ill post them back. AGAIN, BIG THANK YOU FOR All YOUR SUPPORT!🙏🏽

I hope you feel inspired to go watch these channels! These never fail to brighten up my day!💙

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