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End of the year Self Reflection questions❅

Another year done! I feel like a week ago we just started 2017. It went by way to fast! I feel like the more I grow up the more faster things go. When I was just a kid my birthday, halloween, christmas,etc. All seem so far apart? Don’t you think or is it just me ???

Are you one of those person who still writes 2016 when we’re actually 2017?? It always gives me a hard times to catch on. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I should write this blog post for self reflection. At the end of each year I started to do a little ritual by asking myself some questions. I wont go in details about mine I’ll just leave the list here. Let me know your thoughts. This isn’t for everyone. I just personally like to do that. I find it fun to do. 

My three mains questions are:  “Will this matter a year from now? Will the things Im stressing about will even matter ? Where do I see myself in a year? Etc.” I hope you enjoy:) A) How have you changed? B) Things you could have done differently? (There’s always a place for improvement). C) How have your travels changed you? D) What new skills have you learned? E) What did you think about more than anything else? F) Who did you think about more than anything else? G) Advice you’d give to your 2017 self. H) Favourite moments with friends. I) Favourite moments with your parents. J) Worries that turned out to be completely unnecessary. K) The most challenging part this year. L) Your biggest improvements. M) Have you influent people this year? N) How well did you take care of your body and mind? O) when did you feel most alive? P) An old habits you like to release. Well thats it. Don’t feel shy to give me feedback on this list or if you would change some stuff. Happy New year! ❅

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