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20 Last minute Diy and Gifts ideas for all!

Have you started your Christmas countdown yet ?? There’s 6 days left until Christmas day !!! I can’t believe it !!! 

My question for you is, have you finished your Christmas shopping?!! Or U haven’t started or maybe you are just half way there ?? Thats okay. You still have 6 days left no stress. Just chill. Let me help you! Here is my last minute Christmas gift ideas for everyone! (Mom, dad, cousin, gf,bf, parents in law, bro, sis Grandparents, teacher, neighbors etc!)

Alright lets start with Amazon prime. Which ships in two days guaranteed. 

1) Body back company, this is a self massage tools (Price range is under 30$)

You can also get any massage tools at Shoppers drug mart (Price varies from 30-100$)

I mean everyone would love a massage tool I know I would!! 

2) This next one is a cute decoration for flower display. I mean we all have flowers in our houses or people just gift them to us. Instead of putting those arrangements in a plain vase why not put it in something a little cuter looking, something that everyone will ask you about! (price range from under 20$-40$ depending on the size you get) 

3) Im pretty sure you guessed this one... Flowers. Everyone loves flowers. There’s a bunch to choose from and some for every occasion! 

4) A bottle of wine, beer etc. I mean who wouldn’t want that?? Come on! You get to choose the bottle and you can choose your prices range for it. I know I wouldn't say no to that!

5) Get them a robe or get them a zip up robe ! Perfect for everyone! We all chill, we all watch movies, tv, read the newspaper or simply read a book so why not get cozy and comfortable while doing that.  (Price under 40$)

6) This one is for a guy or even yourself! Its a belt. But not any kind a belt. This belt has 9 useful tools to it. (Price 20$) So if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse they’ll be ready! 

7) A mug or those drinking plastic cup or a to go cup. We all drink coffee, hot chocolate, Tea or water. These are perfect as a gift. You can find these for under 20$ to the Grocery store or simply the coffee shop like Starbucks. For a step further if you like, you could embossed their name on it so it makes it unique. If your not a crafty person just take a sharpie of the color desire and put their name on it! You could also print their name then use mod podge.. but that wouldn’t be dishwasher approved.. just a suggestion.

8) Buy them a Game. Then after you get to play the Game which is fun. I would suggest Monopoly , Uno or Pictionary. It's also a great way to break the Ice. (20-30$)

9) Candles! Its not something I usually buy myself... I could sure use some! I would love to received some candles. The price varies. You can go to Bath and body and get 3 for the price of one which is awesome !!! You can always do your own candle, Micheals sells great Diy candle packs including the wax.

10) Lush bathbombs! Make sure you buy this gift for someone who owns a bath. I know that some of my friends only own a shower. BATHBOMBS ARE JUST THE BEST!! Perfect for boys or Girls and for any age. (5$-10$) && if you haven’t thought about wrapping your gift Lush comestic offers already package presents. (20$-80$) You could always Diy your own bathbombs for under 10$ just google it ! :) 

11) Socks or Slippers. Okay I know what your thinking. But lets be real we all need a good pair of socks of slippers. Fuzy socks, hiking or running socks there’s a pair of socks for every activity. (20$) For slippers, I don’t like walking barefoot in my house so slippers all the way!

12) Gift card. Good for anything and you get to pick your price range.

13) Go to the Thrift store!! Salvation Army or Value Village you can find anything !!! From movies to book or even clothes and household object.

14) Prepare a meal for them. Cook for them. A nice dessert or a fancy Entrée. I love when people cook cause then I don't need to (which is awesome !) I would never say no to food. Its a nice gesture and everyone gets to enjoy it! You could always take it a step further and diy the place setting with a nice napkin fold check out Youtube or even Pinterest!

15) An ornements. (5-20$) Write their name on it or a cute quote. Or simply buy an ornements. This one is cute because every year they will have an ornements reminding them about you. A nice gift for secret Santa.

16) Pictures! You could Diy a Collage of you and the person. Very personal and its so much fun to do. I love souvenirs they are my favourite. You could always print a picture for 88cents or more (Shoppers dug mart, Henry's, Staples or the Library) and put it in a nice frame that you can find at dollarama or even Salvation Army/ Value Village. 

17) Get a shoe box and do a kit for example: A Netflix kit. Would be a bag of pop corn, fuzzy socks or slippers, a bag of tea, a movie and a blanket, with some chocolate and candy. You choose your price range (5-20$) Everyone Watches Netflix

18) This one might be old school. But I would love to receive this. In my car I dont really listen to the radio. I’m probably one of the last person on earth who still listened to cd’s. Make them a mixtape CD or put it on a USB so they can transfer it to their computer and put it on their ipod or mp3. Do they still make mp3 anymore??

19) Subscribe them to a magazine or a montly box subscription. Now a days a Montly box is everything that people are talking about! There’s is a box subscription for anyone out there!! (Price 20-100$) 

For example: TheInkybox, Getsketchbox, Boxycharm, Boxofstyle, Tastetrunk, Bijouxbox, Nerdblock, Barkbox, Fabfitfun etc and for magazine: Ricardo, Vogue, Snowbaordmagazine, Cosmopolitan, Motor Trend,  Rolling Stone, New York Times etc !!

20) Last one give them a card. There’s nothing better that says I care then a simple card written by you. Its makes it personal. You can even Diy your own Christmas card how ever you desire. (1-10$). (check Dollar store or Micheals sells some great blank card.

Well these are my 20 Diy/ Last minute Christmas gifts! I Hope I at least help one of you! See you on my next blog! Have a good day xx

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