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My Christmas playlist!

On the twelve day of Christmas my true love gave to me......🎧 Lol! Do you know where Im going with this ??? Welcome back my friend! Today, lets talk about my favourite christmas song! For the past two years I've been working at a place where the Christmas music starts November 1st. I'm sorry, correction, it actually starts on October 31st at midnight! #ChristmasinNovember also known as CIN. The first week wasn’t so bad but the beginning of December it started to drive me nuts! I also use to live near the place and at night they would blast the music! The only time of the year they put speakers outside the building for all to hear. So yes, 24/7 of christmas music!!!! I joke you not! But this year, been in the city without snow..or even have cold weather it made me realize how much I miss Christmas music. Yes, you read correctly. I said it. I miss a good Christmas playlist. Especially that here, in the City the weather is 8*C and it doesn't snow. My first green Christmas. Christmas without snow is just not the same. Don't you agree? Back in Jasper it would be -30*C and thats not even with the windshield. Im serious. But Christmas in Jasper is a real Winter Wonderland. I also always wanted to Christmas Carol but too bad I don't have a good voice.. maybe Lip sync? I think i'm pretty good at that!

Alright lets get into this (no particular order). A) Mariah Carey- All I want for Christmas is you. I could legit listen to this song on repeat all day. No lies and honeyyyyy, that note at the end!!! YASSSS! B) Rockin’ around the christmas tree by Brenda lee. This is a very popular song. I just love the saxophone in this song! Quick inside story, I use to play the Saxophone alto in high school great instrument with a unique sound.  C) It’s the most wonderful time of the year by Andy Williams. It has such an old sound to it which I love! This song just makes me happy! Don’t you just have an automatic smile on when listening to this? D)Here comes Santa Claus by Gene Autry. No clue why but this one makes me want to dance 💃🏽 It's also featured in the movie Fred Claus which I love! (check out my blog: Top 10 Xmas Movies). E) Feliz Navidad by José feliciano. The first Spanish song I learned. Love to sing to this one!♥️

F) Last christmas by Wham! This song is kinda sad it's about a heart break and its lesson. I just love the melody! G) The whole Christmas cd of Micheal Bublé! I can't choose one song! Seriously, I really can’t they are all so good! H) I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas. (I don’t know the artist sorry.) I bet you anything while reading this title you started to sang.  Let me know if you did! I just can’t get this song out of my head. G) Happy xmas (War is over) by John Lennon. Lovely song that has great meaning to it. This song remind us not only to celebrate on buying and getting present but to think about others and to simply love. That hate and war won’t get you far.<3 H)  Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney This song is just nostalgic for me so many great holiday memories. Like how every year me and my mom do dessert recipes for mi familia. I love it! I) From the movie Night before Christmas- Whats this? by Danny Elfman. One of my favourite Xmas movie (check out my blog: Top 10 Xmas Movies). lyrics of this song is everything!!! How Christmas is all about love and happiness. This song is definitely on repeat.  J) Baby, It's Cold Outside by Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams from the XFactor. I love this song so much, perhaps maybe a little "too much". Both of their voices gives me feel. K) Let It Snow by Boyz ll Men Thats when I know the Christmas playlist is starting. We need more boy bands like this one! 

L) Last but not least. Yes, the Jingle bell rock from Mean Girls! I mean you already knew this one had to be on my playlist. That epic moment when Gretchen hits the radio. Then they all start to sing it just makes it so fetch! Righhhtt?!

This is the end of this daily blog. Hope you love my playlist selection. Let me know if you would add or remove some of these?? See you on my next blog post. xo

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