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Top 10 xmas Movies

Another day another blog! 

Hi there, Im sure you are all on Netflix looking for something new to watch or are you doing a Christmas movie marathon? Then stop what your doing and keep reading! 

Look no further I have some great movies suggestion for you. So get cozy with a blanket, pj on and make some popcorn!! 

In the spirit of the holidays here are my top 10 favourite Christmas movies in no Particular order.

1) The Holiday

This one is one of my all time favourite movie in general! Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. Do I even need to say more ? Please, just do me a favour and go watch it! 

2) The last holiday

Love this movie!!! A movie that will make you appreciate life and Yolo! With Queen Latifa, LL Cool J and Gérad Depardieu.<3


I love any Will Ferell movie but this one is sooo funny! You can’t have a christmas without watching elf. Right ??

4)Home alone 

I know this movie is on your list. I mean how can it not be? Maybe the most shown movie during the holiday a real classic.

5)The Santa Clause

Not gonna lie when I was young this movie series is the reason I believed in Santa. Tim Allen as Santa Claus is simply brilliant! 

6)Miracle on 34th street 

The 1994 version with Elizabeth Perkins. There’s a couple scene of the Macy’s Christmas Parade and a great Lawsuit involving Santa Claus..

7)Fred Claus

This movie, star Vince Vaughn,(great actor) Paul Giamatti, Elizabeth Banks and the list goes on! A great twist to all the other Santa Claus movie out there. 

8) Nightmare before Christmas 

Love this movie created by Tim Burton. Any of his movies is amazing but this one I like a lot! The Pumpkin King a.k.a Jack. The romance story between Jack and Sally. Its the perfect movie to watch on Nov 1st. After Halloween. 

9)Jack frost

A bit of a sad movie but with a magical twist, a second chance and it featured a lovely snowman! 

10) Nez rouge

This is actually a French movie. Hilarious, magical and did I say funny already!? In Quebec, they have this awesome thing call Opération Nez Rouge. So for example if you went to a xmas party with your car but then had too much to drink you would call these volunteers and they would come get you and bring you home safe. Great operation to have. This movie is just amazingly funny ! You won’t be disappointed. 

Well this concludes my list. I hope 

you’ll add these movies to your list! Let me know what you think of it! I’d love to hear your feedback! && On that note, Happy holidays and be safe out there !  Xo

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