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10 things I want to achieve for 2018

Good day everyone,

As I am doing my christmas shopping I realize how fast 2018 is coming. Can you believe the year is already over? So much Has happened. I've moved from a small town in Alberta call Jasper. If you ever have a chance to visit I can guarantee you 100% you'll fall in love with it. The mountain, the wildlife, the people, the town and I could go on and on. But I’ll save that for another post. Now Im living in a city in British Columbia not going to lie I miss the #Jasperlife and most of all the mountains. Jasper has this magical atmosphere to it. Lets talk New year resolution. I don't really have one...More like ten things I want to accomplish for the year 2018. 

1) Eat healthier-I want to look after what I'm eating. Not doing a Diet so much but to watch what I'm eating and portion control eat less snacks and to stop eating when im bored. Like my mom says "from the lips to the hips". I also want to drink more water I think I've neglected that. I need to stay hydrated as much as possible and plus it will help with my skin.

2) Be happy- I mean I am a very happy person I always wear a smile but I want to be more positive. Good vibes attracts good vibes.

3) Capture the moment- I love taken pictures its my favourite thing to do. But I didn't take enough pictures in 2017. I want to remember the best moments. Maybe not a pictures a day but at least a picture for the week or even for the month. I need to use my polaroid more!

4) Go out more- Stop laying on my bed, eating food and bench watch some Netflix shows. I need to go out and explore! There is so much to do and I need to start living life and have more adventures!

5) Make new friends- Speak to new people and become more social, there's nothing worse than being lonely! I need to stop finding excuses not to go out. Talk to people I wouldn’t usually talk to. Ask people how their day is going. I also need to FaceTime and skype my current friends more often. Keep them in the loop more. 

6) Make some money- I mean we all need money but I want to spend less and save more. “Do I want ? Or do I need”

7) Declutter- I own so much clothes, makeup, shoes, coats, books, magazines, stuff in general that I don’t use anymore or less. I need a good declutter.

8) Learn to cook- I love baking but I need to start liking cooking. Cooking is fun right?? I really need to cook more and not just soup and salad. More like Julia Child style! &&by that I mean fine Dinning or something close to that. A proper balanced meal.

9)Read more- I used to love reading. I made myself a reading list and I need to stick to it. I also need to learn to read one book at the time.

10) Give more- Offer my help more often. I did so much charity work when I was in high school and I do miss it. I want to give my help to the community and get more involved. Give a hand with my friends even if its a small task. 

Well thats it for my top ten. I hope you enjoyed it and that I have inspired at least some of you. See you on my next blog :)! Xo

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