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Why a blog you asked ?

I have tried so many social network for example: Youtube, tumblr, weheartit Article etc. But they are all so complicated I mean.. it takes a lot of time and dedication to film yourself and then to have to edit it. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That. Am I right ?Then Tumblr is simply complicated and you can't post pictures quote and everything all at once. Then there's weheartit which doesn’t give you access on the go to blog. I mean I get my best ideas when Im out or doing other stuff without having my computer next to me.

Then on Dec. 09 I found this awesome easy way to create a website and it even has an app for me to write on the go. I was like what the hey why not? What do I have to lose ? Well, let me tell ya I am loving this website blog. is simply amazing! Plus, I’d say 90% of those times I have my phone with me anyways and I can just type on the go its fantastic! Ive always like to write my ideas and thought down and wish I could share it with others and now I can. Even twitter doesn’t let me express my full self in 140 characters.

My friends have always told me Elle you should start your own Youtube Channel or start this and the most often request was for me to write a book. Me to write a novel?? I mean I believe my life is interesting but a book??! That’s too much work! It takes me forever to edit a 4 mins. video. Do you really think I gonna be able to write a book? I think no. So a blog sounds like the perfect first step. I enjoy reading other people blogs and Im sure you’ll love what Ill have to say too :) and on top of that this blog lets me communicate back and forth with all of you. They even have a chatting thing. Where I can chatt with all of you. I havent installed it yet. Let me know what you think. Good or bad idea. Maybe in a year or two we’ll see.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day! (:

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